Foot Stretch Exercises for Foot Pain Relief

After a whole day or night on your feet, you feel like your feet are giving up on you. Feet pain is common in the morning, especially because the tissue and joints tend to be tight during sleep because of lack of movement. Prevent or ease the discomfort or pain in the feet, so you wake up tomorrow pain-free and ready to go outside. Give your feet to stretch by performing any or all of the following exercises.

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  1. Toe Stretch

As you wake up or any time when you feel like stretching your feet, make sure you allow some time to stretch your toes. This toe stretch is very simple and not time-consuming. While seated, lift your right leg cross over the left thigh. Using the left fingers, interlace them with the toes of the right foot. Gently squeeze them together for about 10 seconds and then stretch the toes wide for another ten seconds. Repeat.

  1. Kneeling Stretch

This next variation for stretching the feet will specifically target the bottom of the foot. Start by kneeling on a mat with the toes tucked behind. From the kneeling position, gently lower your rear to sit back on the heels. This will actively stretch the bottom of the feet. Try to hold it for about 20 to 30 seconds. You can repeat it for three to five times.

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  1. Towel stretch

Another useful foot stretch you can perform is the towel stretch. You can perform this particular stretch as soon as you wake up or while relaxing in the living room. All you need is a towel. Stretch one of your legs before you and place a rolled towel beneath the ball of the said leg. Keep the leg straight and pull the towel towards you. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds and then release. Repeat for about three to five times before switching to the other foot.

  1. Step stretch

Improvise and maximize the purpose of your step by using it in stretching your feet. Stand with your heels off the step and preferably relying on a stable object like a wall or chair for balance. Slowly lower your heels to stretch, hold it for 10 to 15 seconds, and then lift. Repeat for three times before moving on to the next foot.

  1. Foot roll

Reward yourself after a long day at work with a foot roll that does not only serve as a stretch exercise to relieve any pain or discomfort, as it can also be an excellent way to massage the feet. You can use a frozen water bottle, a can, or even a tennis ball. You can do this while seated by placing the frozen bottle or ball underneath the arch. Roll it for about five minutes and do the same to the other side.

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